Decodificare il presente, raccontare il futuro


We moved from the disciplinary procedures to the codes of control. Each person is isolated, put in competition with one another.

And now that everything is fragmented, it becomes easier to surveil, control, restrain. The capital turns into a machine, artificial intelligence set against the living labor, endlessy extracting value from it. The capital is all-inclusive, it permeates everything, it is everywhere: in each of our steps, words, gestures, clicks. It does not limits itself to gain from our desires and emotions, it creates them in its own image.

The human being, separated from the others, becomes its mere enunciation. We are the saboteurs of this unfair system, the loose cannons. We have an insurgent insight into the game. We are you, you are us. We shall be everything. We are the insubordinate bodies, the intersectional conflicts. We act in the core of the system to blow up its contraddictions.

Looking now for our equals, daring to recognize them. Let them judge us; guide them, be guided, want a world of good with them, do with them bad, and good and reality serve deny change

(Franco Fortini – “Forse il tempo del sangue”)