Decodificare il presente, raccontare il futuro


Mon, January 11, 2021


America will awaken indignant and virgin. The audience will be under the illusion that they are preparing to witness something new in front of a free stage. Dominic Morgan knows this, and he smiles knowing that everything will start all over again: one repeat after another, a continuous loop of renewal and restoration.

Dominic Morgan, the Faustian CEO of the NYL in the TV series Diavoli — loosely based on the novel of the same name by Guido Maria Brera —, sardonically contemplates the images of the assault on Capitol Hill. And he smiles, because he is aware that the curtain is ready to reopen on the umpteenth staging.


America is a theatre and we are its custodians. 
Donald Trump’s exit from the stage, the most spectacular ever, even escorted by the assault on Capitol Hill, is also the most predictable: it has been perceivable for weeks, months. 6 January 2021 will become a memorable date for guilty consciences. Its victims are inevitable collateral damage to something that began four years earlier. What remains on the stage after the last act.

This was the only way Trump could exit the stage. With the standing ovation of his acolytes staging a South American coup, unwitting actors in a great show. He has done the dirty work in US politics. He has radicalised and accelerated the processes, he has pushed the dialectic to the point of paradox. He has naturally put on the mask of the enemy of the establishment, to put the establishment back at the centre of the village.
America is a theatre and we are its custodians.
Those who come after, the saviours of the fatherland, will enjoy a great deal of credit with the moderate community. The conspiracy hicks, the paranoids of the Confederate flag, will return to their individual delusions. Convinced that they have played a leading role in History.

The system is stronger than ever. Word of Dominic Morgan. The word of someone who moves behind the scenes and knows the theatre in its entirety. Of someone who is invisible to the audience and has the power over everything the audience will see. Of someone who decides when the show starts, who pulls back the curtain when it’s time to close.

The system is stronger than ever, and we are increasingly able to manipulate it. The new monetary policy allows us to keep whoever we want alive. Pockets of poverty are functional to our manoeuvres: we need them just as we need inequality, because the dream of wealth must remain intact.

There is an overused expression, Deep State, which is not substantiated in anything, it does not really exist. Ours is instead a fluid network that controls everything, even those marginal realities that are the institutions. We have great, new allies: the digital platforms. We will share power with them. We will manage the transition to the digital currency, to the new dollar, together with them. Because the real battlefield is to hold the global power of currency. 
The system is stronger than ever.
America will awaken indignant and virgin. The audience will have the illusion that they are preparing to witness something new in front of the free stage. Instead, it will start all over again: one repeat after another, a continuous loop of renewal and restoration.

America will come out stronger. The impression will be given that the national immune system has withstood the shock of recent years. One will get the impression that Trump’s term in office was nothing more than a bump in the road.

As the bogus coup took the limelight, the stock markets soared to new highs. Because the markets are looking ahead, focusing on the effects of the restoration, and there is a new presidency ahead that will endorse every one of Trump’s economic measures. Without changing anything substantial, without any changes other than an ephemeral greenwashing on environmental policies.

The war on China will continue for years. The Fed will insist on printing money with its neo-Keynesian approach. The Middle East will remain suspended in endless conflict. Blacks will continue to be murdered by the police and rednecks in the provinces will continue to believe in crackpot theories.
«Make America Virgin Again»
The world will judge us, try to ridicule us, but this is our method of renewal. And it is infallible. Sometimes we wage open wars, sometimes secret wars. We have organised coups from a distance, we have generated monsters and heroes. We killed Kennedy and made him immortal. We brought down Nixon with the Watergate. 

We are the ones directing the spotlight in this theatre. We are the ones who created Donald Trump. We are the ones who legitimised and then dumped him. We are the ones who offered him the proscenium for his four-season show. And now it is time for us, for the moderation of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
“Make America Virgin Again”: this will be the motto of the new Administration, and we will comply.

We will be the ethical finance, the good finance, the finance that puts the community first. We will tax ourselves, make more room for minorities, and increase women’s salaries. We will issue massive green bonds to clean up the planet. And we will all look better because of Donald Trump, because of the show of the last four years.
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